said Rivadeneira. Rivadeneira, who at 29 is the youngest lawmaker to lead a parliament in Latin America, said she will try "to build a renewed assembly that is closer to the peop.

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ing the leaders discussed bilateral and trade issues, according to local press. (Xinhua/ANDINA) SAN JOSE, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla met with her Pe.

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d in opening remarks that the U.S. labor market and the overall economy are performing "far short of" their potential. Yellen said although the economy is "significantly stronger" .

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zilian currency real's resiliency against the dollar in February also disproved those who believed Brazil was among the so- called "fragile five" emerging markets (also including .

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as possible. Ms. Tymoshenko's health, diagnosis and treatment should remain the primary focus of all involved," Baird said. "Canada remains concerned by the apparently arbitrary a.

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Death toll in U.S. air show crash rises to nine Rescuers and debris are seen after a P-51 Mustang airplane crashed at the Reno Air show on Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 in Reno Nev.. The .

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her directly or under threat of penalty, that all citizens and legal residents have qualifying health care coverage." South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley opposed the law, .

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conscionable act was carried out by artillery, tanks and helicopters -- indisputable evidence that the regime deliberately murdered innocent civilians, " she added. Syria's state .

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in the territorial legislature in the capital, Yellowknife. "The heavy lifting is done, the issues are resolved and negotiators have reached consensus on the terms of a final dev.

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